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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with a master’s in counseling from Denver Seminary (2006). I have been licensed in the state of Colorado since 2011. I also attended Colorado State University for a bachelor’s degree in Psychology (2001) and Denver Seminary for a Masters in Christian Formation and Soul Care (2012).


My specialty is in grief and loss, along with anxiety, depression, life transitions, relational struggles, and women’s issues. I find that the human heart is capable of incredible joy and incredible pain, sometimes at the same time. Throughout life we experience many areas of loss, grief, pain, and trauma. It is my goal to incorporate those difficult experiences into healthy living and better coping strategies.


I have 15 years of counseling experience and work with both teens and adults. I also have experience with child protection, foster care, and adoption related issues. Some clients have found it helpful to use creative expression as part of their healing process. Together we can explore some basic art therapy techniques to supplement traditional talk therapy.


In addition to counseling, I have been trained as a spiritual director. For those clients that are interested in developing their spiritual life alongside their emotional healing, we can create a unique approach to your care.

Nichole Miller MA, LPC
Nichole Miller MA, LPC


To make an appointment, call 970-353-2000

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